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Social Media Marketing is an essential component of almost every internet marketing strategy. What it looks like, however, differs greatly from industry to industry. What matters most is knowing where your target audience is hanging out online, understanding what they’re doing there, and allowing them to discover you there.

For most businesses, this involves an internet marketing strategy known as ‘inbound marketing’. That is, a platform designed to drive traffic TO your website.

Social Media Marketing Internet Marketing Strategy

Building Trust, Authority, and Relevance with Social Media Marketing

Since the rise of the internet and search engines, consumer buying habits have changed dramatically. So have consumer research habits. The true sign of the times is that in many cultures people will no longer go to a restaurant before reading the online reviews, they will not drive to a new location without first checking their GPS, and they will not make any significant purchases without doing some form of internet research.

Social Media as a Form of Brand Research

Internet research, for many people, includes checking out their social profiles. The most common questions users commonly ask of a business are:

  • Does a social media presence exist for the business? And is it current?
  • Is it consistent with the website and other directory profiles, including both branding and hours of operation.
  • Are they actively engaged with their customers and clients?
  • Is there additional information not available elsewhere?
  • Do they have good reviews? Has the company responded to the negative reviews?

Social Media Marketing as a Minimum Expectation

Social media marketing these days is so important that it has become an expectation. Ask most frequent internet users and they will likely confess to pre-judging a brand or business by their online profile, or lack thereof.

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