SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is all about how well your website (or social profile) ranks in the search results. In this area, Google has truly set the industry standard, ahead of Bing, Yahoo, and many others.

How Does SEO Work?

Google ranks your website based on its Hummingbird Algorithm, which relies on an Artificial Intelligence called RankBrain. The algorithm instantly analyzes over 200 individual factors when ranking your website against similar sites in the search results. Of these 200 factors, the most basic and important are:

  • Domain Name, Age, and Length of Registration
  • Keyword Optimization (Proper use of keywords in Titles & Content to indicate topical relevancy.)
  • Website Performance (Audience average time on site, average pages viewed, and bounce rate.)
  • Quality of Content (Including readability, length, and use of related keyword phrases.)
  • The Quality of Inbound Links (Authority of other websites linking to yours.)
  • Quality of Outbound Links (Authority of other websites you link to as references in your content.)
  • Website Download Speed & Mobile Responsiveness
  • Frequency of Site Updates and New Content Published
  • Multimedia Usage (Website contains text, images, and videos.)
  • Compliance with Search Engine Policies, including Privacy Guidelines, Avoiding Duplicate Content, and Use of Approved Marketing Techniques

How Can I Increase My Search Engine Ranking?

It is often said that an SEO’s job is never done, as the algorithm for SEO is constantly changing.

For example, whereas content used to be king, this is in the process of slowly being phased out by a preference for relevancy. That is to say, Google now understands that there is a place for many websites that provide a fantastic user experience, despite a lack of content. Thus, for example, the algorithm has changed to prefer website performance over content quality–although it is worthwhile to point out that most websites will not achieve great performance without great content.

Nevertheless, by keeping up with industry standards, creating excellent user experiences, and directing relevant traffic to your website, every business has the ability to increase its position for valuable keyword phrases. Although the results vary greatly from one industry to another, we have yet to encounter an industry that is ‘too competitive’ to generate noteworthy results.

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