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The Benefits of a Blog Writing Service – Houston, TX

The Best SEO Article Writing for Your Business

SEO article writing, unlike other kinds of copywriting, is a vital part of a much larger Search Engine Optimization strategy and process. Optimal performance requires knowledge of your website’s current rankings, your overall marketing strategy, and an in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithm preferences, penalties, and opportunities. Most of all, SEO copywriting it is an ongoing process that adapts with changes in the industry, customer trends, and general seasonality.

SEO Copywriting that Almost Writes Itself

Although our process may differ slightly from industry to industry, Gilder Media offers a fully automated SEO copywriting service that almost writes itself. We find that many clients are only too happy to automate their SEO copywriting in a set-and-forget fashion. We review extensive keyword research, agree to a set amount of target keywords, establish an editorial calendar, and you can sit back an relax. Enjoy early notifications of scheduled drafts before they go live, as well as alerts when new posts and pages are published online. Best of all, we’ll send regular reports regarding what impact our SEO copywriting had on your target keyword ranking.

The Benefits of Good SEO Article Writing

While blogs, posts, pages, and galleries can serve to create a very attractive website, they don’t mean anything if your website never gets found. Search Engine Optimization is the science of getting your website to rank highly on internet search engines. When done well, however, the best SEO article writing can provide numerous benefits at once.

  1. Expand Your Range of Target Keywords.

    Top ten placement in your most important 1 or 2 keyword phrases is good, but for a site to truly dominate, you’ll want to cover a wide range of related keywords and phrases.

  2. Increase Your Search Engine Ranking. 

    Whether you believe it or not, targeting a phrase slightly similar to your primary keyword phrase will actually improve the ranking of both pages if linked together. Our extensive keyword research will reveal new secondary and tertiary keywords, related to your primary keyword phrase but at 2 or 3 degrees of separation. In the hands of an SEO specialist, these terms are a gold mine.

  3. Convert Visitors into Customers. 

    The number one reasons that ‘content is king’, is simply because content converts. Content engages, inspires, drives action, and gets people to click your Buy Now button.

  4. Pay Less for Pay Per Click.

    . If you’re driving paid traffic to your online articles, a properly SEO’d webpage or article will cost much less per click than your standard web copy. PPC advertising rewards you for relevancy, and penalizes your for black hatted spam techniques.

  5. Test New Ideas.

    Although you may not believe it at first, website articles are the perfect testing ground for new ideas, concepts, and even inventions that might not otherwise ever see the light of day. Audience feedback, reader comments, and social media likability are all great indicators if you’re on to the next great thing, or if perhaps the idea still needs a few more adjustments.

Contact the SEO Article Writing Experts

Gilder Media is proud to provide expert SEO article writing at an affordable cost for Houston business owners and marketing directors. Call us today at (312) 450-3756 or contact us online for more information.

SEO Article Writing Service | GilderMedia, Houston TX

Best SEO Article Writing Houston TX

Why a Blog Writing Service is Essential to SEO

best blog writing services houston tx

Why a Blog Writing Service is Essential to SEO

A blog writing service is an essential part of almost every successful SEO marketing strategy. Website blogs provide regular new content, serve your audience with valuable information, and are an easy way to expand your target keywords to secondary and tertiary phrases.

Blogs can also expand your audience, get your readers to spend more time on your website, and encourage others to share your content and webpages. These are all great indicators to search engines that your site deserves to be ranked higher on the search results page.

Posts Vs Pages

Your website is the sum total of every page, post, and picture you’ve uploaded to the internet. Some we call pages, others posts. Although the website content writing for posts and pages can be nearly identical, the strategy between the two could hardly be more different.

Pages are the primary, permanent pages of essential content for your product, service, or resource.

Posts are more temporary, topical, and current. They provide further insights associated with your website topic.

The Myth of Blog Writing

The biggest myth about blogging is that it has to be done by a prominent company member. This common myth also holds that every post must be personal, insightful, and contain gems of highest personal wisdom. Although these kinds of blogs do exist, they are actually not the norm, nor do they need to be.

Your blog writing service exists precisely so that you can delegate, automate, and communicate valuable supporting information to your readers. What to do, what not to do, reasons to do, reasons not to do, are very popular topics in almost any industry. This kind of website content writing tends to work best when it is both informative and entertaining.

Website Content Writing: Blog Writing Service

Each month Gilder Media provides dozens of tailor made, SEO-driven blogs for clients in a wide variety of industries. From local service providers, to ecommerce websites, to prominent schools, to specialized products, our blog writing service provides great audience engagement and increases in SEO ranking.

Contact Gilder Media today for a free consultation on website content writing and our Houston blog writing service for your business. Contact us online, or call (312) 450-3756 today.

Blog Writing Service – Website Content Writing | GilderMedia, Houston, TX